Fund name
LAM Canadian Bond Fund L.P.



Fixed income

Geographic focus



The Fund’s objective is to reproduce and generate greater returns than the FTSE/TMX Universe Bond index.


To achieve its investment objective, the Fund will use a fundamental approach to select securities. It will assess issuers’ credit worthiness through a combination of fundamental company and industry analysis. The Fund will seek to invest in undervalued securities by choosing among either companies with improving prospects and credit metrics, or where there are assets that protect the value of the credit security. It will also invest in securities where near term corporate events could unlock value for the bond holders. The Fund will have a bias towards smaller firms, thus increasing yields and returns.

The Fund will focus on the Canadian bond market universe but may invest in securities of United States issuers denominated in Canadian dollars. The Fund will invest in credit securities such as corporate bonds, asset backed securities, callable corporate bonds, Non-Viability Contingent Capital, convertible corporate bonds, and Exchange Traded Funds. The Fund will have a significant (15%) allocation to bonds rated below BBB- or unrated. The Fund will also invest in government bonds.